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The Umoja Success Program is a place where students are welcomed, mentored, tutored and encouraged to stay enrolled until they can transfer to the 4-year college of their choice and complete their college degrees.

The Umoja Success Program is open to all students and is specifically designed to increase the retention and success rate as well as the graduation and transfer rates of African American and African ancestry students.


Please complete the Umoja Interest Form.
The program will follow up with you to schedule an appointment.
Student Responsibilities

Umoja Success Program participants need to meet the following criteria each semester during the academic year:

  1. Meet with a Program counselor at least twice each semester.
  2.  Attend a minimum of three program activities.
  3. Submit Work In Progress grade report
  4. Students must participate in all appropriate Umoja Success Program assessment activities.
  5. Continued participation in the program is expected until graduation or transfer to a four-year college or university is achieved.

Students Learning