Online Teaching Resources

Please help the Center for Teaching Excellence to identify your professional-development priorities as we make this unexpected transition to remote teaching in the middle of our semester. Completing this two-question survey will help the CTX better understand how to support our faculty during these challenging circumstances.


Best Teaching Practices


Off-Campus PD:


Free Software Programs: 

Capture Lectures with Snagit

Snagit is our screen capture and recording tool that lets users quickly create and share images and videos to:

  • Create training content, tutorials, lessons and step-by-step instructions
  • Record meetings and presentations, including your webcam to keep a personal element
  • Create how to training materials, software walk-throughs, and demos
  • Pre-record academic lectures or supplemental learning content to share with students
  • Create instructions on how to use online learning platforms, or remote working software

Lumen Waymaker

Waymaker is Lumen’s next-generation courseware, combining curated, outcome-aligned open educational resources (OER) with personalized learning technologies that help instructors find and support the individual students who need it most.

OER combined with high-touch personalized learning tools aim to strengthen metacognition and student success.

  • Personalized study plans to guide students
  • Stronger student-instructor connection
  • Enriched OER course materials
  • Data-driven learning design


  • Charter is offering free WiFi to college and K-12 students impacted by closures for 60 days. 


  • Comcast opens Xfinity WiFi Network Nationally to help keep Americans connected to the internet for 60 days. 


Norton’s easy-to-use online assessment tool helps students become better problem solvers with a variety of question types, answer-specific feedback and detailed hints and solutions.

  • Smartwork5 is available to accompany textbooks in Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, and Economics. 
  • Instructors can get started quickly with premade assignments or customize questions and add their own content.
  • Individual student and class-wide performance reports help instructors gauge student progress and allow them to intervene at crucial points during the learning process.


An award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool. Students get a personalized experience, will retain key concepts, and come to class prepared.

  • InQuizitive personalizes individual students’ learning paths so they receive more questions on topics they’re struggling with. The wagering points feature and student analytics help them study efficiently.
  • Detailed performance analytics help instructors identify where students are struggling so that they can intervene at crucial points during the learning process.


Access thousands of compelling, leveled reading materials to support instruction and drive literacy skills, no matter what subject you’re teaching.

  • Free professional learning for remote instruction: We’ve assembled a Remote Teaching Toolkit to make sure you are fully prepared to use Newsela to support core instruction remotely
  • Newsela is making our entire product suite available, free of charge, to all districts and teachers through the end of the school year

Macmillan Learning

If you are using a Macmillan product, the course materials you have chosen have a robust online component called LaunchPad. This includes a full e-Book as well as quizzing and multimedia tools. These materials can be accessed for 21 days at no cost to students.

  • If you are looking for help setting up online work for students, one of our specialists can be scheduled to help you set up three weeks of work via LaunchPad Training
  • We can offer free student access to our iClicker student engagement mobile app for the same three week time period. You can use iClicker to engage students with polling questions and still keep track of attendance. Please let us know if you would like for us to get you set up with iClicker.


VoiceThread is offering free Single Instructor Licenses through June 30th. You can contact the licensing team to help get started: With VoiceThread you can stop and breathe, since you can record each slide one at a time - and then you don’t have to upload - it’s just ready to share with students when you’re done. Also, you can edit each slide later. Here is a sample: Short Story Genre VoiceThread.