Certificate Program Description



Curriculum leads to a Certificate of Achievement and eligibility to take both, the California State Board Examination to become a Registered Dental Assistant and the National Board Examination to become a Certified Dental Assistant.

I. Length and Kind of Program

The program is three terms in length (Fall, Spring, and six-week Summer Session).  General education and Dental Assisting classes are scheduled on the college campus and clinical experiences in patient care are scheduled at selected dental schools and private dental offices.

II. Admission Requirements

Three (3) Academic reguirements:

A. High school graduation or satisfactory scores on the General Education Development (GED) examination (given at most adult education centers).

B. A 2.0 grade point average in all high school and college courses.  If high school GPA is less than 2.0, at least 12 units of college course work with a GPA of 2.0 or higher is required.

C. Completion of English 20 or equivalent with a grade of "C" or higher, or a score on the Writing Proficiency test sufficient for placement in ENGL 52 or higher.