CIS 155 Intro to Access

Recommendation: CIS 102 or equivalent with a grade of Pass or "C" or higher.
This is a foundation course in database management using Microsoft Access. It covers relational database concepts and design, techniques for building a database using queries, forms, reports, and expressions. Topics also include multiple-table queries and reports and the user interface to a database. This course covers the topics in the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certifications.
Transfer Credit: CSU

Drop Date: 11/17/2023

CIS 155 MS Access Syllabus

Lab Solutions

Here are links to a location to buy the textbooks:


GO! with Microsoft Office 365, Access 2019 Comprehensive, 1st edition

or on Amazon:

GO! with Microsoft Office 365, Access 2019 Comprehensive 1st Edition


Pearson eText GO! with Microsoft Office 365, Access 2019 Comprehensive -- Instant Access

This is a class on the MS Access application you will need access to this app on a WINDOWS computer (not Mac/Apple)

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Lab Student Data Files

Chapter Notes

  1. Ch01 instruction
  2. Ch02 Instruction
  3. Ch03 Instruction
  4. Ch04 Instruction
  5. Ch05 Instruction
  6. Ch06 Instruction
  7. Ch07 Instruction
  8. Ch08 Instruction
  9. Ch09 Instruction

Note: These Videos are from Excel 2016, but there are very few differences in tasks of Excel 2016 and 2019.
1 Project 1AProject 1B
2 Project 2AProject 2B
3 Project 3AProject 3B
4 Project 4AProject 4B
5 Project 5AProject 5B
6 Project 6AProject 6B
7 Project 7AProject 7B
8 Project 8AProject 8B
9 Project 9AProject 9B
10 Project 10AProject 10B

Objective Videos

Lab Solutions

These are to be used as Reference Only - not to be submitted for lab work.

(See lab descriptions and submit labs thru Canvas)

  1. Lab01 solution
  2. Lab02 Solution
  3. Lab03 Solution
  4. Lab04 Solution

Test Solutions

  1. Test01B Project 3D
  2. Test02B Project 6D
  3. Test03B Project 7D