Pharmacy Technicians in California

What Would I Do?
Pharmacy Technicians work under the direct supervision and control of a licensed pharmacist. They perform repetitive, routine tasks related to the processing of a prescription in a pharmacy; however, they cannot do the work that is restricted to the pharmacist. Pharmacy Technicians may count tablets; measure, mix, pour, and record amounts and dosages of medications; label bottles; and package pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacy Technicians typically work in retail or hospital settings that are clean, organized, well-lit, and well-ventilated. They spend most of their work day on their feet and may work 8 hours or more per day.

Are There Advanced Pharmacy Technician Roles?
Traditionally, pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists with the dispensing and distribution of medications. However, new roles for technicians are emerging that capitalize on their drug knowledge and training to improve patient care. While still working under the supervision of the pharmacist, technicians are now performing duties that allow the pharmacist greater flexibility for direct patient care and implementation of new programs.  Some of those roles include: Purchasing Pharmacy Technician, Medication Reconciliation Pharmacy Technician, Discharge Pharmacy Technician, Informatics Pharmacy Technician, Emergency Department Pharmacy Technician.

Will This Job Fit Me?
The job of Pharmacy Technician will appeal to those who enjoy working with people and performing duties that are organized, clearly defined, and require accuracy and attention to detail. This occupation satisfies those with conventional interests. Conventional occupations frequently involve following set procedures and routines where the lines of authority are clear.