Program Review

Instructional Program Review Committee

Instructional Program Review is a faculty-driven, shared-governance, self-evaluation process for the facilitation of improvement of all instructional programs at Cerritos College.  In conjunction with the Unit Planning process, the program review process solicits evidence-based documentation from instructional programs to assess effectiveness and identify areas of institutional and instructional improvement and provide justification for planning the allocation of financial resources.

The various links shown to the left will provide documents that are useful for people interested in the Program Review process.

If you have any questions or need additional information or guidance, please contact the Program Review Chair, William Tsang at - extension 2777.

2023-2024 Committee Members

Name Division  Role
William Tsang BE Faculty, Chair of Committee
Thomas Lewandowski SEM Faculty
Lydia Alvarez LA Faculty
Henrietta Hurtado COUN Faculty
Ernest Lew / Susan McDonald HO Faculty
Johnny Nunez TECH Faculty
Monica Lopez LIB Faculty
John Haas HSS Faculty
Rebekah Hathaway FAC Faculty
Mercedes Luna KIN Faculty
Esthela Chavez Classified Staff CSEA
Corey Gutierrez Student Rep. ASCC
VACANT Confidential Staff Confidential 
Elizabeth Riley Dean, HO ACCME
Chris Whiteside Dean, BE ACCME
Rory Natividad Dean, KIN ACCME
Michael Page Dean, SEM ACCME
Amber Hroch** Dean, IERPG Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning, & Grants
Jasmin Sanchez** Academic Affairs IPR Program Assistant