Alternate Media

Students who wish to request their materials in alternate formats must have been approved for this by their SAS specialist on the Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).  This only needs to be done once.  Students who have already been approved to receive alternate formats do not need to request approval again.  Alternate formats include Braille, electronic texts, audio files, enlarged materials, etc.

Students may request the following materials in alternate formats:

  • Required and recommended textbooks which you have purchased or rented. 
    • You can purchase the book(s) in hard copy or electronic format.
    • Proof of purchase is required and may include:
      • Your receipt or rental agreement (it does not matter where you purchased or rented the book)
      • If you don't have a receipt you may take a picture of the front and back cover of the book, including the full title and 13 digit ISBN number.
  • Library books that are needed to complete a paper or other assignment for your class.  Library books of required texts will not be converted into alternate formats.
  • Handouts and other class materials.

To request your textbook and other materials in alternate formats, please contact April Shin at and include the following information:

  • Your first and last name and student number;
  • The nature of your request, for example "I am requesting my textbook in audio format";
  • The full title of your text book and its 13 digit ISBN number;
  • Your receipt or a picture of the front and back of the book.

April will respond by sending you an Alternate Media Contract and an Alt Media Tracking Sheet, which you will complete and return to April by email.  Once these documents have been received, your request will be processed and may take up to 10 school days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) for you to receive.

Materials can also be dropped off/picked up in SAS during the following hours:

Days Times

8 - 11:30 am

1 - 4:30 pm


8 - 11:30 am