Student Learning Outcomes

Defining SLOs for Student Services

All Student Services departments have identified SLOs to represent what students are expected to demonstrate or achieve as a result of having received the services offered by the departments. As noted in the ACCJC Peer Review Team Report from spring 2020, Student Services hired a consultant to assist with the development of appropriate learning outcomes statements as well as the design of meaningful assessments for each of the Student Services departments. In spring 2021, the Student Services departments developed a three-year SLO Strategic Plan for 2021-2024.   

Assessing SLOs for Student Services 

Each department has continued to meet regularly with the SLO consultant to monitor the implementation and assessment of their SLO efforts through a mid-year and year-end reporting process. In June of 2021, each Student Services department completed their year-end assessment report of their first year of SLO implementation based on their established assessment protocols. Data from these assessments are now informing key strategic planning efforts, such as unit planning and goal setting. The assessment of Student Services SLOs will continue through 2024 as part of each departments' three-year strategic plan.  


2020-2021 STudent services slo report

2021-2024 SLO Summary

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