Individual Consultation

DSPS welcomes questions and partnering with classroom faculty so we can support you in your efforts to accommodate a student with a disability. Individual consultations with our highly qualified DSPS faculty are most welcome and available to all Cerritos College faculty and staff on any disability-related issue. Please refer to the DSPS Faculty and Staff page to identify the appropriate individual to confer with, either by phone, email or in-person. We look forward to collaborating with you.

There are many reasons why an individual consultation may be very helpful, including it is a very proactive way in finding a solution to specific issues. There are no "dumb" questions to us, as our/DSPS goal is to have a dialog. We encourage working together as a team and welcome all questions.

There are times when a faculty or staff member may be struggling with how to assist a student in the most effective manner. Talking with a knowledgeable DSPS faculty member can make a big difference in the outcome for the student's success.

Having a better understanding of a disability and what the educational limitations are, as well as which accommodation(s) are recommended will help all involved. Please contact DSPS if you wish to arrange an individual consultation.



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