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Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)


DSPS is changing its name:  DSPS will soon become Student Accessibility Services (SAS)!

The goal of DSPS has always been to provide equal access to students with disabilities across campus. But, we believe our new name will better represent our purpose and mission on campus, and will promote the use of "student first" language, focusing on the student rather than the disability.

You will continue to hear about our name change in the coming months as we work to change our name on all DSPS documentation as well as across campus. By the beginning of Fall 2020, DSPS will have fully transitioned to its new name, Student Accessibility Services, which will be under the new division of Student Accessibility and Wellness Services! We will also be hosting an Open House and Kickoff Event in September.

Stay tuned for further information as we proceed with this exciting endeavor! 

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Last Update: 5/4/2020