SAS Instructional Offerings

Student Accessibility Services offers several specialized courses, taught by SAS faculty, which provide opportunities for students to acquire the skills necessary to access the educational offerings provided by Cerritos College. Instructional offerings designed for students with disabilities are as follows for the upcoming semester(s):

ACLR 91:  Career Exploration for Students with Disabilities (1.0 unit)

You will learn how to develop goals for future employment, explore career choices, take assessments to understand your interests and how they relate to majors and careers, develop employment seeking skills, and much more! 

FALL 2023

Class Dates:  10/18/2023 - 12/13/2023

Days and times:  9am-10:50am Wednesdays 

Class number:  21396    

ACLR 101:  Increasing Your Access Potential (2.0 units)

You will learn the concepts of Emotional Intelligence (e.g. self-awareness, self-monitoring, social awareness and social monitoring), Executive Functioning (e.g. time management, study skills, goal setting, etc.), Growth Mindset, and much more!  An Education Plan will be created for each student enrolled in ACLR 101, which also meets the requirements for Cerritos Complete (as an alternative to COUN 101B).  Transfer Credit: CSU 



Class Dates:  6/20/2023 - 7/27/2023

Days and times:  10am-11:50am Tues/Wed/ Thurs

Class number:  24986    


Class dates:  7/3/2023 - 8/10/2023

Days and times:  2pm-3:50pm Tues/Wed/Thurs

Class number:  24987

FALL 2023


Class dates:  8/14/2023 - 10/11/2023

Class days and times:  9am-10:50am Mon/ Wed

Class number:  28147                    


Class dates:  10/17/2023 - 12/14/2023

Days and times:  9am-10:50am Tues/ Thurs    

Class number:  29465

AED 42.07:  Independent Mediation Lab (0 units)

A Supported-Learning Environment---learn the skills you need for college:  Time Management, Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Goal Setting and Math Tutoring
Open Entry-Open Exit, Non-Credit


Tuesdays 11am-1pm, In person, LA-131*

Wednesdays 1-3pm, In person, LA-131*

Thursdays 11am-1pm, In person, LA-131*

Come to LA-131* during any of the above times to sign up.  You may attend this class at any time that it is offered (open lab).

*LA-131 is the SAS classroom and is located in the SAS office.