Access to Completion and Equity (ACE) Committee


  • Recommends and monitors strategies and activities designed to reduce achievement gaps in student success

  • Sets goals and recommends resource allocations based on the development, implementation, and assessment of the following institutional initiatives:​
    • Student Equity and Achievement Program (Student Equity, Basic Skills, & 3SP Programs)​
    • Guided Pathways​

  • Reviews the college’s academic achievement data and makes appropriate recommendations​

  • Recommends and facilitates training to ensure equity-minded practices and programming to achieve institutional goals​

  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee’s scope and communicates them to the college

Co-Chairpersons (voting):

  • Vice President, Academic Affairs/Assistant Superintendent
  • Vice President, Student Services/Assistant Superintendent

Functional Resource Personnel (voting):

  • Vice President, Human Resources/Assistant Superintendent or Director of Diversity, Compliance, and Title IX Coordinator as designee
  • Vice President, Business Services/Assistant Superintendent or designee
  • Dean of Academic Affairs & Strategic Initiatives
  • Dean of Counseling Services
  • Dean of Enrollment Services
  • Dean of Student Equity & Success
  • Dean of Academic Success
  • 1 Guided Pathways Co-Chair
  • 1 faculty representative from Student Accessibility Services (SAS) appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 faculty co-chair of the Chairs Council

Constituent Group Membership (voting):

  • CCFF President or designee
  • Faculty Senate President or designee
  • 1 faculty representative with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) expertise appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 faculty representative with non-credit expertise appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 faculty representative appointed at large by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 instructional dean appointed by ACCME
  • CSEA President or designee
  • 2 classified representatives appointed by CSEA
  • 1 confidential representative appointed by the confidential employee group
  • ASCC President or designee
  • 1 student representative appointed by ASCC 

Ex-officio Membership (non-voting):

  • CTX Coordinator
  • Director, IERP
  • Director, Information Technology or designee
  • Director, College Relations, Public Affairs & Governmental Relations or designee
  • SLO Committee Chair
  • Developmental Education Coordinator (transitional)


Meeting quorum is 30% of the committee membership. 

Committee meetings occur monthly during fall and spring semesters, on the second Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.

All meeting agendas, minutes, and materials are distributed and stored with BoardDocs