Work Experience Education


The Work Experience Education Program provides the opportunity for students to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to related experiences on the job/training site. The aim of the course is to assist students in expanding specific job skills. In the process of doing so, it creates greater communication with increased understanding between the student/workers, the college, and the employer/trainers.


Work Experience Administrative Procedure

Work Experience Education is available for the following programs:

  • AUTO 173 - Automotive Technology Work Experience Education
  • BA 171 - Business Administration Work Experience
  • BA 172- Business Administration Work Experience
  • HED 204 -  Work Experience Education in Community Health Worker
  • KIN 271A -  Work Experience in Athletic Training 
  • KIN 271B - Work Experience in Fitness
  • LAW 171- Legal Work Experience 
  • LAW 172- Legal Work Experience 
  • LAW 173- Legal Work Experience 
  • LAW 174- Legal Work Experience
  • MA 73 - Medical Assistant Work Experience
  • MA 74 - Medical Assistant Work Experience
  • RE 172 Real Estate Work Experience/Career Internship
  • RE 173 - Real Estate Work Experience/Career Internship
  • RE 174 - Real Estate Work Experience/Career Internship
  • RE 174A - Real Estate Work Experience/Career Internship