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Audition Form

NUMBER: _________


*Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out this form including available rehearsal times on the day of the audition


Please Print Clearly

Name: _____________________________                            Student #__________________


Address: (include city & zip code) ______________________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: cell _____________________________________   

All concert participants arerequired to enroll in DANC 50, 135, 136, 150 or 151 as well as dance technique classes; i.e. Intro, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Latin, etc.

Are you interested in being considered for Dance Repertory Theater? ________yes/no

Have you ever been enrolled in DANC 135, 136, 150 or 151 in previous semesters_____yes/no  If yes, please list which ones:____________________________

I am interested in participating in the Informal Choreographers Showcase at the end of the semester _____________yes/no


List DANCE technique classes you are currently enrolled in:

Course Name:                                  Instructor Name and Class Time:

1.__________________________            __________________________________________

2.__________________________            __________________________________________

3._____________________________              _______________________________________________



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