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Intensive English Program Overview

International Students


Cerritos College is an accredited two-year community college that offers a full-time Intensive English Program (IEP) where you can develop the language skills you need and be prepared to study and earn college credit at our college or any other college/university in the U.S. The program is taught in our non-credit side of the house, in Community Education. The IEP program is a student-centered environment where you will be fully immersed into the English language and culture. The faculty and staff are dedicated to making your learning and cultural experience rewarding.

The Intensive English Program is 16 weeks (4 months) and will provide you over 320 hours of Intensive English language training. Upon entering the program, you will be assessed and then will be assigned into a group (level 1 or level 2). We will meet Monday through Thursday and you will get instruction customized to your level – we will take you from where you are at with the English language and help you to effectively learn quickly how to improve your writing, reading, grammar and speaking abilities. You will also be provided other opportunities outside of the classroom to practice what you are learning, such as field trips and conversation time with American students. 

Upon successful completion of the IEP, you can transition into your major field of study at Cerritos College, or transfer to any other college or university you choose to attend. Cerritos College has a very high transfer rate of its international students - our graduates transfer to top universities such as UCLA, USC, UCI, UC Berkeley, Cal State Long Beach and many more.


The Intensive English Program is All-Inclusive, with your paid tuition, you receive the following services: 


  • 20+ hours of instruction per week.
  • Assessment testing.
  • Orientation
  • All books & class materials needed.
  • Conversation practice each week with an American student.
  • Use of the language lab & tutors on campus.
  • Access to other language & writing workshops on campus.
  • A cultural field trip, and
  • Certificate upon completion.

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