Course Description:  This course is designed to enable the Pharmacy Technician student to recognize the classifications and uses of the various over-the-counter (OTC) products utilized in modern health care. Lectures and discussions include a brief review of anatomy and physiology, how drugs exert their effects, major indications for use, adverse effects, consumer precautions and contraindications.


Objectives: Students will understand and recognize:

  • The FDA's drug review process leading to OTC drug classification.
  • Drug dosage forms, drug classifications and factors that influence the determination of drug dose and route of administration.
  • Strategies of problem solving, product selection and patient consultation.
  • Differences and similarities between the OTC products discussed in class.
  • Problems associated with governing advertisements of OTC products on radio, television and in print.

Required Texts:

  • PDR Guide to Over-the-Counter Drugs by Physicians' Desk Reference, David W. Sifton, Editor
  • PHAR 81 packetavailable from bookstore and material as provided by instructor

Course Syllabus 

Classification List (Updated!)


Pharmacy Visit #2: Antidiarrheals/Laxatives