• Course Description: — This pharmacology course covers information about drugs affecting the gastrointestinal system, vitamin and mineral balance, infectious diseases, neoplastic disorders, immunological function, and the eyes, ears, nose, and throat.  Content includes major indications for drug use, how drugs exert their effects, adverse effects, and specific implications for consumer awareness.  Emphasis is placed on learning classifications of medications and their indications for use.
  • Required Texts:
    • Hitner & Nagle, Basic Pharmacology.  Glencoe Mc Graw-Hill, 2004
    • Gary Thibodeau, Structure and Function of the Body. Mosby, 2003.  12thEdition.
    • Phar 83 Packet available from bookstore and material as provided by instructor

Course Syllabus (Spring 2007) (NEW: NOTE CHANGES!  New quiz added week 11)

Antifungal Agents