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FAQs for students with disabilities regarding current COVID-19 pandemic

How will I do my classes online?

Wait until you hear from your professors for specific instructions.  Each class may be handled a little bit differently.  However, all faculty are being reminded that their course materials must be accessible to students with disabilities and they are being provided with resources to ensure that their materials meet accessibility guidelines. 


Will I still receive my accommodations?

Yes, you are still entitled to reasonable accommodations.  However, please keep in mind that they may need to be provided in a different way.  Keep reading for further information.


How will I get the notes?

Some classes that move online will no longer need a note taker because the notes will be provided by the professor.  If the lecture is provided via video/live stream and you still need the notes, current volunteer note takers have been instructed to continue use taking notes and providing them via text or email to students.  Contact Veronica Gutierrez at if you need to get in contact with your note taker.


What about my in-class aide?

If you currently receive support from an in-class aide, please contact your specialist immediately to strategize your accommodations. 


How will I get testing accommodations?

Professors are being informed how to provide additional testing time in an online format.  If you receive accommodations other than extra time, please contact your specialist to strategize the best way to accommodate your needs. 


How will I request and receive materials in alternate formats, such as  e-text, audio files, and PDFs?

Please be advised that students who cannot access materials at all without alternate formats will be given priority consideration as we attempt to meet the needs of all students with disabilities.  Please contact April Shin at and to request your materials in alternate format.  You will need to send her proof of purchase or rental of the textbook(s) in order for them to be converted. Please be aware that often we will be outsourcing to the Chancellor offices ATPC to produce accessible formats.


Can I still come to the High Tech Center for training?

No, the High Tech Center will be closed and all training will be discontinued until further notice.


Will my ACLR class be meeting on campus?

 No, all lecture classes are being converted to an online format.  Please wait for further instructions via email from your professor, Aurora Segura


How will I prepare for summer registration?

As of now, summer registration will take place as planned starting April 6th.  If you have an education plan, please check it via MyCerritos to see which courses you should take in the summer (if any).  If you still need assistance selecting summer courses, you may call us to schedule a phone appointment with a SAS/DSPS counselor.  562 860-2451 2335

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