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To schedule an appointment with a SAS Academic Counselor, Disability Specialist, Career Counselor, or obtain assistive technology training, please fill out the following form and submit. 

You will receive notification with appointment date and time within 2 business days from SAS personnel.


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SAS Specialists:  arrange your accommodations (services) each semester.  You are assigned to a specific specialist and will usually meet with the same person each time.*

SAS Counselors: help you select classes, develop an educational plan, discuss your academic goals, etc.  You are not assigned to a counselor and can request to see the counselor you prefer to work with.*

*DHH students receive their accommodations and academic advising from the same person, Dahlene Holliness, who is a specialist and counselor.

Let us know if you prefer to meet with a specific counselor
Please check all days and times that you are available for an appointment.
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