How to apply to SAS

Apply for Disability Services

Students with disabilities at Cerritos College bring unique skills, inner resources, and ambition to succeed. SAS is the central resource for disability-related information, procedures, and services, dedicated to determining and implementing appropriate and reasonable accommodations for academic programs. Cerritos values the diversity of its student body, and SAS is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to the educational experience.

Our Approach to Supporting You

If you are seeking reasonable accommodations or support services from SAS, it's crucial to register with the office as early as possible. Early registration allows you to collaborate closely with your SAS Specialist, providing you access to valuable knowledge and support throughout your time at Cerritos. Our goal is to help you navigate your educational and career goals with confidence.

How to Request Accommodations

  1. Registration with SAS: Start by registering with the SAS office by submitting a β€œSAS New Student Application” through the SAS Student Portal. Early registration is crucial for a smooth accommodation process. 
    • You can also contact the office to get direct support with completing the application process in our High-Tech Center.
  2. Meet Your SAS Specialist: Once registered, you'll be assigned a dedicated SAS Specialist. You will receive an e-mail communication to schedule a β€œNew Student Intake” to discuss your specific needs and determine appropriate accommodations.
    • E-mail is the official form of communication from SAS. Please ensure your e-mail on record is correct and that you are checking it frequently for further information and next steps. 
  3. Documentation: Provide relevant documentation of your disability to the SAS office. This information helps us better understand your needs and ensures that the recommended accommodations are tailored to your unique situation.
  4. Stay Connected: Throughout your time at Cerritos, stay connected with your SAS Specialist and SAS Counselor. Regular communication ensures that any adjustments or additional support needed are promptly addressed.

Note: You will need a Cerritos College Student ID number to apply to SAS. If you haven't already, Apply to Cerritos College and get your student identification number.

Application Process

  1. Online Application:
  2. Submit Documentation:
    • All SAS applicants must submit documentation verifying their disability unless the disability is apparent and/or observable.
    • If you do not have documentation, you can download and/or print our SAS Verification Form, completed by an appropriate professional.
  3. Need Assistance?

After New Student Intake

After completing your New Student Intake with an SAS Specialist, you will be offered appointments with a SAS Counselor for educational planning and course selection. Additionally, our Career Counselor is available for assistance with career exploration and employment preparation.

My Checklist: Did I Do the Following?

  • Obtained Cerritos College Student ID.
  • Submitted SAS Application.
  • Provided Documentation which can include one of the following:
    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
    • Psychoeducational Report
    • 504 Plan
    • Behavior Support Plan
    • SAS Verification of Disability Form
    • Cerritos College Student Health Services Verification Form
    • Department of Rehabilitation
    • Regional Center
    • Letter from Private Medical Provider
    • Veteran Disability Rating
    • Other documentation that confirms the existence of a disability.
  • Met with my SAS Specialist for academic accommodations. 
  • Met with a SAS Counselor for academic advising.
  • Met with the SAS Career Counselor.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey at Cerritos College. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the SAS office.