Sabbatical Leave FAQs

1.      What are the steps involved in applying for a sabbatical leave?

An “Intent to Apply” form will be sent electronically to all faculty in the spring semester by  the committee chair. The formal application form will be due during fall semester – timelines will be provided. 

2.      If I submit an  Intent to Apply, am I committed to continue with the formal application process?

No, you can decide not to pursue the formal application process after submitting an Intent.  Submit an intent if you think you want to possibly apply.

3.      Can I apply in fall if I don’t fill out an intent the previous spring semester? 


4.      What is the format of the Sabbatical Application?

Please see the SLC website and/or the attached suggested template.  You are not limited to this format, but please use a consistent outline format which addresses all points.

5.      Will I have an opportunity to revise my application if needed?

Yes.  The sabbatical leave committee will review all applications and return to applicant for revision as needed.

6.      Are there examples of past applications available for review?

Yes, please consult the library or the SLC website. 

7.      What is the approval process? 

Once the sabbatical leave committee approves applications, they are forwarded for approval by the Faculty Senate, and then by the Board of Trustees.

8.      Who can I consult for assistance in preparation or revision of my application?

Each division has a representative on the sabbatical committee.  Also, each applicant will have a primary and secondary mentor assigned during the application process.  Please feel free to consult with these individuals at any time for assistance.

9.      What are the most common reasons an application is sent back for revision?

  1.       Formatting
  2.      Grammar/proofreading
  3.       Itinerary clarity


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