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Employer Panel 

Employers interested in participating in Fall 2024, please complete interest form to receive registration information for 2024-2025.  Next Employer Panel will be in November 2024.

 Job Fair 

Employers interested in participating in future job fairs please complete interest form  to receive registration information for 2024-2025.  Next job fair will be in October 2024.

JOBSPEAKER Information

Looking to hire Cerritos College Students?

Jobspeaker is a collaborative platform that makes it easy for Cerritos College students to find jobs and network with local employers, both big and small. Using Jobspeaker’s job board, employers can easily create an account and immediately start posting job opportunities in their local area.

JOBSPEAKER Employer account


    1. Go to cerritos.jobspeaker.com/#/hire and click on Sign up

    2. Next, enter your information to create your Jobspeaker Employer account

If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to complete a new profile

Online Job Postings

Free online posting of jobs available through Jobspeaker. The Cerritos College online job board is available for students and alumni.

  • Easy to post/navigate
  • Post jobs/interviews
  • Target recruiting
  • Screen candidates/resumes
  • Staff support with job postings

Employer Associations

MPACE - Mountain Pacific association of colleges & employers