Welcome to Employer Services

Job Posting at Cerritos College


We appreciate your interest in hiring our students.  There are several ways we can assist you:

  1. Post employment opportunities to JobSpeaker, our online job search platform.  Employers can set up a complimentary account and submit employment opportunities, as well as directly connect with students, anytime.  Create your Cerritos College account today to set up your account today.
  2. You may also complete our Job Order form. Upon completion of the form, please email it to student-employment@cerritos.edu.  A member of our staff will enter the information for you. 
  3. Submit job announcement/flyer to student-employment@cerritos.edu and we will be happy to share it with our students and staff.


Your job listings will be available to Cerritos College students and alumni for 30 days. If your listing is still available 30 days after your submission, please call  the Career Services staff to extend the posting for an additional month.  


On Campus departments (Staff Only) - If your department is interested in posting job opportunity (Federal Work-Study and/or Short-term), submit job post in Jobspeaker.  Student Employment Specialist will review job post and notify you once it has been approved.  Please refer to Jobspeaker quick guide for on-campus employers to get started.

Note: Prior approval from the department dean/manger is needed before submitting job post on Jobspeaker.

For further information and/or assistance please contact Lizette Gonzalez, Student Employment Specialist at student-employment@cerritos.edu.

Quick Start guide for on-campus departments