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Enrollment Management Committee Roster


  • Rick Miranda, Vice President of Academic Affairs (Co-Chair)
    Ex-officio member
  • Dr. Dilcie Perez, Vice President of Student Services (Co-Chair)
    Ex-officio member
  • Dr. Linda Clowers, Dean of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives

Ex-officio members

  • Yvette Tafoya, Dean of Enrollment Services
    Ex-officio member
  • Dr. Rosa Prado, Dean of Counseling Services
    Ex-officio member
  • Dr. Amber Hroch, Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning
    Ex-officio member

Management Representatives appointed by ACCME (2)

  • Rachel Mason, Instructional Dean of Business Education & Humanities/Social Sciences
    Term Expires: 2021-22
  • Jamie Quiroz, Financial Aid Assistant Director
    Term Expires: 2022-23

Faculty Senate President or Designee

  • Dennis Falcon, Faculty Senate President
    Ex-officio member

CCFF President or Designee

  • Dr. Lynn Wang, Counselor
    Ex-officio member

Faculty Co-chair of the Chairs Council

  • Dr. Amy Holzgang, Humanities/Social Sciences
    Ex-officio member

Faculty Representatives appointed by Faculty Senate (3)

  • Dr. Daniel Gardner, Liberal Arts
    Term Expires: 2020-21
  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Term Expires: 2020-21
  • Traci Ukita, Counseling
    Term Expires: 2020-21

Faculty Representative from Counseling appointed by Faculty Senate (1)

  • Dr. Shelia Hill
    Term Expires: 2020-21

Classified Representatives appointed by CSEA (2)

  • Amna Jara, Student Activities
    Term Expires: 2020-21
  • Diana Madueno, Student Activities
  • Term Expires: 2020-21


  • Julie Mun, Academic Affairs
    Term Expires: 2020-21

ASCC President or Designee

  • Valery Escobar
    Term Expires: 2020-21

Student Representative appointed by ASCC (1)

  • Christian Godoy
    Term Expires: 2020-21

Meeting quorum is 30% of committee membership

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