Certificate in LGBT+ Studies

The Women's & Gender Studies Department is excited to announce that we have an LGBT Studies Certificate as well as new AA-T in Social Justice with an emphasis in LGBTQ Studies

LGBT Studies Certificate Requirements

The LGBT Studies Certificate program seeks to increase understanding and appreciation of the social, historical, and cultural contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. Students will learn the terminology utilized within the academic area of queer studies, and identify the differences between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The program also promotes understanding of the intersections of LGBTQ+ identities with those of race, ethnicity, class, and age, among others. Students will also learn about LGBTQ+ individuals, their contributions to U.S. and international cultures, both historical and current, and their struggles and achievements toward equal rights.

To earn the certificate, students must meet the following requirements for a total of 15 units:

1. Required Core (6 units)

  • WGS 140: Introduction to LGBT Studies (3 units)
  • ENGL 249: LGBT Literature (3 units)

2. Select from the following electives (9 units) 

  • WGS 101: Issues for Women in American Society (3 units)
  • WGS 250: Foundation of Feminist, Gender, and Queer Theories (3 units)
  •  WGS 205: Anthropology of Sexuality & Gender (3 units)
  • WGS 109: Philosophy of the Body, Feminism, and Gender (3 units)
  • WGS 202: Gender & Society (3 units)
  • WGS 204: Women in American History (3 units)            
  • SOC 120: Introduction to Human Sexuality (3 units)
  • HIST 103: Political & Social History of the US 1877-Present (3 units)   
  • PSYC 265: Psychology of Gender (3 units)                             
  • ART 109 or HUM 109: Gender & Sexuality in Ar