Women in Management AA and Certificate

The Women's & Gender Studies and the Business Administration departments are committed to offering courses to supplement majors in related or vocational areas. The core courses offered by both departments will increase general and technical knowledge in two important areas of scholarship. The course work of Women's & Gender Studies and Business Essentials will foster a better understanding of an increasingly complex world. With this curriculum, students learn theories and tools to better navigate a rapidly changing world, in particular the business world.

certificate of achievement requirements

Required Courses (24 units):

  • WGS 101: Issues for Women in American Society (3 units)
  • WGS 202 or SOC 202: Gender and Society (3 units)
  • WGS 206 or ECON 102: Women in the Global Economy (3 units) OR ECON 101: Economic Issues and Policies (3 units)
  • WGS 208 or BA 208: Leadership for Women in Business (3 units)
  • BA 100: Fundamentals of Business (3 units)
  • BA 120: Management-Accounting and Internal Control (3 units)
  • BA 132: Computer Applications for Managers (3 units)
  • BA 156: Motivational Presentation Skills for Managers (3 units)

Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

Meet the requirements for the Women in Management Certificate (above) AND complete the General Education requirements (Plan A in the Cerritos College Catalog) to achieve a minimum of 60 units.