Work Experience

The students in our Cerritos College Automotive Training Programs get valuable Work Experience at Dealerships


Our programs for General Motors, The Ford Motor Company, and various import manufacturers, prepare students for the workforce by providing classroom and hands-on instruction as well paid on-the-job training at the Dealerships.

Leonard Glick, Jonathan Santos, and Sheila Vazquez

Photo: Left to Right: Leonard Glick, ITTP Instructor, Jonathan Santos, Lube Technician at Penske Toyota Scion of Downey, and Sheila Vazquez, Service Manager at Penske Toyota Scion of Downey.


The Import Technician Training Program (ITTP) at Cerritos College is a two year Automotive certificate program. The first program started in 2004. Our eleventh program started January 13, 2014.

"The Import Technician Training Program is designed to meet the needs of the local import automotive industry, the employers, and the students. By providing a program that will supply the student with a combination of theoretical, lab, and actual on the job training, the student will leave the school with a strong foundation that will support them for their entire automotive career. The employer gets an entry level technician that is ready to learn and take his/her career to the next level. It's a winning situation for all!" said Automotive Instructor, Leonard Glick.

The curriculum was designed by Cerritos College Automotive Program instructors, in a format patterned after the highly successful GM, Ford, and Chrysler programs at Cerritos College. That format requires nine weeks in school followed by nine weeks working in a shop or dealership. The cycle continues for two years with six required automotive classes and five "on the job" work experience classes.

In the classroom students learn about Brake and Alignment, Engines, Electrical/Electronics, Tune up/Emission Control, A/C and Accessories, and Power Train/Transmissions.

In the work experience classes, student to work in an automotive related job. The work experience classes are nine weeks and 225 hours.

"I first became interested in Automotive in Middle School. I heard good things about the Cerritos College Automotive Program and decided to enroll in the ITTP class. The best thing about the program is that they guide us to reach our goals and we get to work at the Dealerships. I work as a Lube Technician at Penske Toyota Scion of Downey. I am able to work on cars, work out problems, provide customer service and gain valuable work experience," said ITTP student, Jonathan Santos. "I plan to gain experience, continue to move up at the dealership, and get my Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)."

"The work experience classes provide real world experience, a wage, and an opportunity to make connections in the industry. The students benefit by being able to develop a strong foundation as a start to a career in the automotive service industry. And Local industry is provided with qualified entry level technicians that can be further trained by the dealer or shop to be productive employees," said Leonard Glick.

At the completion of the program, the student will receive the ITTP certificate from Cerritos College. The students can also receive an Associates (AA) degree at the completion of academic classes.

"Today's automobiles require a high level of understanding with electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems. A formal education is a necessity when working with this technology. By combining the classroom and lab experiences along with actual on the job training, both the student and our local automotive service industry will reap the benefits," said Automotive Instructor, Leonard Glick.

'This partnership with dealerships is a really great opportunity. With the Cerritos College Automotive Program, we get students working for us with a solid foundation in Automotive, a good work ethic, and realistic goals for their future," said Sheila Vazquez, Service Manager at Penske Toyota Scion of Downey.