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Program Map

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Social Justice Studies: Africana studies (AA-T) Degree program Map

This program map is a recommendation of courses for first-time students who wish to complete the Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree in Social Justice Studies: Africana Studies within a two-year time frame.  Because this program map fulfills Plan B and Plan C of the General Education Requirements, it lays the foundation for a clear pathway toward transfer to a CSU or UC.

It is recommended that students take 15 units each semester; however, this program map can be tailored for the part-time student.  

While the courses offered within this map are meant to be helpful in providing students with a viable course schedule, they are only recommendations. We encourage students to meet with an academic counselor every semester to discuss available course offerings and to ensure that they are on course to achieve their educational goals.    

Downloadable Social Justice Studies: Africana Studies (AA-T) Degree Program Map



Course Units Completed Advising Note
AFRS 105 Introduction to Africana Studies 3    
ENGL 100 Freshman Composition* 4   *or ENGL 100S
MATH 112 Elementary Statistics** 4   **or PSYC 210
Elective*** 3   ***COUN 200: Umoja Course recommended
Elective**** 1   ****LIBR 100 recommended
Total: 15    


Course Units Completed Advising Note
SOC 210 American Minority Relations 3    
GE Critical Thinking* 3   *ENGL 103 recommended
GE Communication Studies (choose one) 3    
List A** 3   **Choose from HIST 110, ART 104, ART 108 or
List A** 3   HUM 108
Total: 15    


Course Units Completed Advising Note
SOC 202 Gender and Society 3    
GE Biological Sciences* 3   *ANTH 115 recommended
GE Biological Sciences Lab** 1   **ANTH 115L recommended
GE Social Sciences/US History*** 3   ***HIST 102 or 103
List A**** 3   ****List A course not already taken
Elective 2+   ASL or other Modern/Foreign Language recommended
Total: 15+    


Course Units Completed Advising Note
GE Social Sciences/US Government* 3   *POL 101 or 201
GE Physical Sciences** 3   **GEOG 101 recommended
Elective*** 3   ***ENGL 226 recommended
Elective**** 3   ****SOC 215 recommended
      ASL or other Modern/Foreign Language
Elective 3+   recommended
Total: 15+    

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