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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Cerritos Complete program?
    Cerritos Complete is a student success initiative and partnership between Cerritos College and our six local school districts (ABC, Bellflower, Downey, Lynwood, Norwalk-La Mirada, and Paramount Unified). Cerritos Complete is available to graduating high school seniors or students completing high school equivalency in our partner high schools. These students must complete the 7 steps during their senior year of high school.

    This program is designed to help in-coming freshman navigate their way into college. Cerritos Complete focuses on students’ pledge to earn and complete their degrees or certificates on time.

  2. What are the benefits of the Cerritos Complete program?
    The Cerritos Complete program is a great opportunity for high school seniors to transition to college. This program provides opportunities for the high school seniors to obtain skills and knowledge needed for college, explore a variety of careers, save money on their college education, and graduate from college early.

    Benefits include: Two-year free tuition
    , Two-year priority enrollment, one-on-one counseling and advisement, career exploration assistance, college preparedness, and a personalized schedule for two years (Comprehensive Ed. Plan) at Cerritos College.

  3. What are the steps for the Cerritos Complete program?
    -High School Seniors or students completing high school equivalency must complete 7 steps during October-June

    -Once they are accepted into the program, these new Cerritos College students must meet requirements in order to stay eligible each semester

    View all requirements for the Cerritos Complete Promise program.

    If you do not meet the requirements for Fall, you will no longer be eligible for the Cerritos Complete program for Spring.

  4. What does the Cerritos Complete program cover?
    -Cerritos Complete provides free tuition (enrollment fees) for up to two years. Students must meet the requirements in order to stay eligible.

    -The Cerritos Complete program does not provide: out-of-state tuition, book fees, parking fees, student health fees, and student activity fees. Those fees are the responsibility of the students. Students can pay those fees in their MyCerritos account.

  5. Who can apply for Cerritos Complete program?
    The Cerritos Complete program is for graduating high school seniors or students completing high school equivalency from our partner districts of ABC Unified School District (USD), Bellflower USD, Downey USD, Lynwood, Norwalk-La Mirada USD, and Paramount USD. 

    Students must submit Step 3 - Intent Form by March 2 in order to eligible.

  6. Is the Cerritos Complete program available for undocumented students?
    Yes! The program applies to any graduating high school senior or student completing high school equivalency from an eligible school.

    Undocumented students will need to complete the California Dream Act application to qualify for the Cerritos Complete program. The California Dream Act application is due March 2. Before you apply, learn more about the Cerritos College resources available for undocumented students.

  7. If I submit my FAFSA or California Dream Act application am I automatically qualified for Cerritos Complete?
    No. The FAFSA/Dream Act applications are used to determine your eligibility for federal and/or state financial aid. In order to be qualified for Cerritos Complete, you must have completed all steps required by the deadlines.

    Students must submit applications each year for the FAFSA or DREAM act.

  8. What happens if I miss a deadline for one of the 7 steps?
    You will no longer be eligible for the Cerritos Complete program, but you can still attend Cerritos College. You can enroll in the Early Success Program (ESP).

  9. How many classes can I take each semester?
    In your first year: There is no minimum or maximum number of credits you must take, you can be part-time or full-time. We recommend you take 12-15 units in order to graduate on-time. You must enroll and successfully complete (Grades of C or better) transfer level Math and  English. If you are in English Second Language (ESL) classes you must complete your transfer level classes within 3 years.

    In your second year: You are required to be enrolled in at least 12 units. 

  10. When will I be notified if I am in the program and will receive the Cerritos Complete program free tuition?
    If you successfully complete all steps of the Cerritos Complete program by the deadlines, you will be notified via email by July.

  11. When does the Cerritos Complete program end?
    Cerritos Complete is a two-year program. In order to stay eligible, students must meet all requirements by then deadlines. After the two-year program, students can continue to take classes at Cerritos College.

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