About the Cerritos Complete Promise Program

Since its launch in fall 2016, Cerritos Complete served as an extension of the K-16 Bridge program, which was heavily focused on increasing graduation rates for our students. Today, Cerritos Complete has been fully adopted as the College’s official Promise Program to target district high school students and adults completing high school equivalency to increase degree and certificate completion rates and reduce time to graduation by lowering the number of excess units completed.

The Cerritos Complete Promise Program allows eligible students from our partner school districts to receive 2 years free tuition, early enrollment, and step-by-step assistance to smoothly transition to college. 

The mission of Cerritos Complete is to provide a comprehensive completion program that supports students in their effort to complete their educational goals in a timely manner.  More than a Promise Program, Cerritos Complete marries academic and student services, and removes barriers to college access with strong personal, academic and financial support.

The Cerritos Complete Promise Program provides a smooth transition to college for high school seniors and/or adults completing their equivalency. Cerritos Complete continues assistance during their freshman and sophomore years. Through the 6 Eligibility Steps starting in high school/equivalency, the program improves the matriculation process by allowing students to connect with the college before graduation and receive high-touch services to better prepare them for college.




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