Instructional & Student Services Deans

Instructional Deans

Shawna Baskette, Dean of Academic Success, Ext. 2413

Christopher Whiteside, Dean of Business Education, Ext. 2715

Rory Natividad, Dean of Kinesiology, Ext. 2863

Gary Pritchard, Dean of Fine Arts & Communications, Ext. 2602

Gary Pritchard, Acting Dean of Liberal Arts, Ext. 2602

Michael Page, Dean of Science, Engineering & Math, Ext. 2660

Nick Real, Dean of Technology, Ext. 2903

Elizabeth Riley, Dean of Health Occupations, Ext. 2554

Colleen McKinley, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Ext. 2226

Graciela Vasquez, Dean of Continuing Education, Ext. 2490

Wei Zhou, Interim Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ext. 2700

Student Services Deans

Elizabeth Miller, Dean of Student Services, Ext. 2476

Christopher Elquizabal, Dean of Student Accessibility & Wellness Services, Ext. 2334

Eliza Hoyos Vences, Dean of Counseling Services, Ext. 2221

Yvette Tafoya, Dean of Enrollment Services, Ext. 2102

Lui Amador,  Dean of Student Equity and Success, Ext. 2393