Adult Education and Diversity Programs: Citizenship


This course prepares immigrants for the citizenship process as well as the INS examination and interview. The course emphasizes oral communication and assists the strengthening of English language skills for those limited in English. Classes are offered in Spanish and English.


For a nominal fee of $60 we will assist students with input of the N-400 Application for Naturalization on the computer. Please note that an additional fee of $60 for each follow-up visit will be charged if the information required is incomplete. Please contact 562-467-5098 for an appointment.

N - 400 Application for Naturalization Requirements 

(You can pick up a sample of the N - 400 Application for Naturalization in our office or go online to Application for Naturalization to print your own copy)


Identification: Drivers License or California ID, Social Security Card, or Permanent Resident Card

Trips outside the USA: Dates of all trips outside the U.S.A., destination, dates you left & returned since becoming a permanent resident.

Residence: Addresses of all residence, including exact date of arrival & departure from residence for the past 5 years.

Employment: Name of all employers, addresses, beginning & ending date of employment, and job title for past 5 years.

Marriages: Name of present spouse, address, date of birth, social security number, A#'s from his/her green card, and date and place of naturalization. Former spouses full name, date of marriage and date when marriage ended.

Children: Name of all children including missing, dead, born in other countries or U.S.A., married stepsons or stepdaughters and legally adopted children under the age of 18. Dates of birth, A#'s of all children if they're residents, and city where they live.

Criminal History: Dates, locations, nature of offense and outcome of case of any problems with the police including traffic violations.

Selective Service: It is required that all males between the ages of 18-26 register with the selective service. We require the selective service number and date of registration.