Adult Education and Diversity Programs: Counseling

Academic Counseling

Counseling is a resource to help you succeed!

Dear students,

WELCOME! It is my hope to meet you soon in our Adult Education office. I am here to support you during your time at Cerritos College, Adult Education programs. I look forward to helping you during your counseling appointment. Through participation in counseling, Adult Education students will be able to clarify academic/ career goals and develop an educational plan. Students will also be able to identify support services on campus along with community resources.

Our team is committed to ensuring that all students succeed in their educational journey

Please call our office at (562) 467-5098 to schedule an appointment. 

Thank you,

Ally Garcia, M.S.
Counselor, Adult Education

Seeing a counselor can help you...

  • have a better understanding of what may be expected in class
  • get the most out of your education with maximum success
  • select the best courses for you now and in the coming semesters
  • understand the progress you are making
  • with educational plans, certificate programs, majors and career goals
  • find other resources on campus

Seeing a counselor is a regular part of the educational process...

  • Mandatory policy to register for Adult Education classes
  • You should meet with a counselor at least once per semester

The Adult Education Department recharge HUB (English Flyer & Spanish Flyer) offers students an opportunity to connect with a counselor via zoom to ask general questions, obtain resources or simply relax, and recharge. Open to any AED student on a drop-in basis.

Make a counseling appointment at (562) 467-5098 or email the Adult Education Office at