New Students for AED

All Classes Offered in Adult Education are Tuition-Free

Apply Using the Online Application


You can also make an appointment to complete the online application in the Adult Education office with assistance. Call 562-467-5098 or email us at for an appointment.

  1. Upon arriving on campus, parking permit is required. Please purchase a DAILY parking permit and park in the White Stalls ONLY. 
    Link to purchase parking permit:
  2. Adult Education Testing may be needed
    Duration: 2-6 hours based on classes chosen
  3. Select Class Schedule and Enroll
  4. Schedule an Appointment to see an Academic Counselor
  5. To obtain a Cerritos College Student ID card (OPTIONAL), the cost is: $19 per FALL/SPRING; $13 for SUMMER semester.
    Benefits to Cerritos College Student Services:
    • Access to Computer Lab
    • Tutoring
    • Library books
    • Student Activities events
    • Athletic games
    • Theatre performances
    • Discounts (movie ticket, museum entry, etc)