Cosmetology Program

The course program will prepare students with a career in Cosmetology. A students success depends on their complete participation in the program. Since the program's inception, hundred of students have graduated. Students interested in the program do not need any prior knowledge of the field, only an interest. 

By visiting the Counseling Department website at students can select from Virtual Appointments, Virtual Drop-In or Submit a Question as counseling resources.

NOTE: Counseling staff is unable to assist with appointment scheduling via the phone, please use the provided resource links.

Spring 2024 Registration - 1st 9 weeks: Intro to Cosmetology is closed. The classes began 1/8/2024.

Summer 2024 Registration - will be offered for continuing students only. The next Introductory to Cosmetology cohort will begin Fall 2024. Please check Schedule+ for details.