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Culinary Arts Student Assistance Fund

The Cerritos College Culinary Arts department is a full production, technical training program that provides real-world techniques balanced with theory-based education.  We provide each student with multiple methods of learning to ensure all students have the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in the professional food-service industry.   Our students have the option to pursue a Certificate or Associates of Science degree in the following majors: Professional Cooking, Professional Baking & Pastry, Culinary Arts Management or Hospitality Management. 

The Culinary Arts students are some of the hardest working students on campus and most students will work while going to school and are self-supporting their own educations. Due to the recent pandemic of Covid-19, our students are no longer working and they can use all of our financial assistance to complete their educational goals to graduate and become the chefs and leaders of our future. 

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