Student Resources

COunseling and Academic resources


For general counseling and declaring your major, please reach out to the Counseling Department.

Culinary Arts Counseling Steps

  1. Schedule a virtual appointment with a counselor.
  2. Declare your major with your counselor. 
    1. Professional Baking and Pastry
    2. Professional Cooking
    3. Culinary Arts Management
    4. Hospitality Management
  3. Create an Educational Plan with your Counselor. Submit the Educational Intake Form prior to your appointment.
  4. Apply for graduation in the semester you plan to complete all required courses. You can qualify for certificates and/or associates arts degrees for one or more majors offered. Please check with your counselors which Associate's Arts degrees or Certifications you can qualify.

For other counseling questions, please visit the Counseling Website.

Tutoring through zoom (virtual)

The success center offers tutoring through zoom (virtual) for different subjects.

Extended opportunity programs and services (EOPS)

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) provides priority registration, tutoring, academic assistance, etc. Visit the EOPS website for more information.

Please contact Stephanie Minami  for more information.

Transfer center

Information for Transferring to a University to attain a bachelor's degree. We believe that furthering your education is key to success. We have Articulations set-up with CSULB and Cal Poly Pomona.

Please visit the transfer center website for more details.

Transfer Articulations Cerritos College with Universities - 

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

Collins College Hospitality Management

California State University, Long Beach

Hospitality Management