1. How long does the program take?
    It varies depending on the programs that students want to take. 

    Certificate Programs: 
          Professional Baking and Pastry: approximately 4-5 semesters 
          Professional Cooking: approximately 5-6 semesters
          Culinary Arts Management: approximately 5-6 semesters

    Associate's Degree: You just need to take the required general education classes with the culinary certificate requirements to achieve an AA degree.

    GE requirements

  2. I attended a different college, are my credits going to transfer?
    If you are coming from another community college, your credits are most likely going to transfer. Since the curriculum from other private colleges are different from our curriculum, we require students to provide the class syllabus for further evaluation. Please email the department chair for questions regarding unit transfers.

  3. How much does the program cost?
    The costs vary per program. For estimated costs, visit Tuition and Fees. For college fees, refer to Student Fees. We recommend applying for FAFSA, most of our students have financial aid. Visit Financial Aid website for more information.

  4. Are there any scholarships available?
    Scholarships are available to current Culinary Arts students through the Cerritos College Foundation and other entities. We encourage our students to apply for scholarship applications as soon as they are offered. Our goal is to help students further their education to a university. For other Cerritos College scholarships, please visit the college scholarships/grants page.

  5. I want to take some cooking or baking classes as a hobby; Can I take some of the culinary classes?
    Yes, but you need to apply as a Cerritos College student and go through the application, assessment, and orientation process. Our students are required to take the sanitation class, CA 101 and obtain a ServSafe Food Manager's Certification, before taking any culinary arts or baking kitchen laboratory class.

  6. The class I wanted to take was full, what can I take instead?
    Culinary Arts classes can be impacted. We recommend getting in touch with a counselor so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. Once you are enrolled in the beginning cooking/baking classes, you have the first priority for intermediate and advanced classes. If a culinary lecture class is full, take a general education (GE) class instead, then, register for a culinary lecture classes the semester after. 

  7. Do you offer classes in the summer?  
    Due to public demand, we recently offered culinary lecture classes in the summer. Please check Summer Classes and Schedule Plus for summer offerings.

  8. I need a Servsafe Certification for work; Can I take it at Cerritos College?
    You only need the Servsafe Foodhandler Certification for work, which is valid for a year. Talk to your employer. If you are a current Cerritos College student, we offer the CA 101, ServSafe Food Manager's Certification class. This certification is valid for five years if you pass the examination. CA 101, sanitation class, is offered on a first-come first-serve basis. For more information, visit the Servsafe website.