Professional Cooking Program

About the Program

This program is designed for people interested in career advancement and employment within the hotel and restaurant industry. The program combines theory and practical application of skills and abilities to meet the needs of employers.


Culinary Arts Professional Chefs Training

Certificate of Achievement or A.A Degree

Program Highlights

This program offers students educational and practical experience. Partnerships with industry leaders offer excellent connections to local businesses and employment opportunities for students. The work experience component of the program provides resume-building experience. The program takes a hands-on approach as students work in an actual production kitchen and operate the Cerritos College Cafe.

First Semester:

Course Number:
Course Name:
Course number: CA 101
Course name: Safety and Sanitation
Units: 1
Course number: CA 180
Course name: Baking & Pastry I
Units: 4
Course number: CA 120
Course name: Intro. To hospitality
Units: 3

Second Semester:

Course Number:
Course Name:
Course number: CA 181
Course name: Baking & Pastry II
Units: 5
Course number: CA 250
Professional Cooking I

Third Semester:

Course Number:
Course Name:
Course number: CA 230
Course name: Professional Healthy Cooking
Units: 3
Course number: CA 251
Course name: Professional Cooking II
Units: 8

Fourth Semester:

Course Number:
Course Name:
Course number: CA 252
Course name: Professional Cooking III
Units: 8

Totals: 39

Total Involvement

Your goal is to obtain a well-balanced education that will lead to immediate employment and provide a pathway to a successful career in the restaurant industry. This requires total involvement on your part and total commitment on the part of Cerritos College.

Why Study at Cerritos College?

CerritosCollegehas been training students in the field of culinary arts for over 25 years. This long term commitment has given the Culinary Arts Department a strong reputation for qualitytraining throughout the restaurant industry.

Culinary Arts atCerritosCollegeis a combination of strong academics and applied knowledge through hands on applications. This includes fine dining, cafeteria style, banquets, and catering operations.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities are excellent for students who receive the Associate in Arts Degree or Certificate of Achievement in this program. Graduates of this program will be prepared to work inentry-level positions of the restaurant industry. Areas of employment include restaurants, hotels, institutions, catering, and commercial food service.