Dual Enrollment Conditions of Enrollment & Eligibility


Students must be enrolled in and attending a California School

  • Student's attending a school located outside of California may not participate in Dual Enrollment

Students must complete the Dual Enrollment Steps

  • Students must apply to Cerritos College for the semester they wish to take classes
  • Students must complete a Dual Enrollment Form every semester they take classes
  • Students must take SRT if enrolling in an English or Math Class or a course with a prerequisite of Math or English.
  • Students must enroll themselves into their classes through their MyCerritos account once their Dual Enrollment Forms are processed by Admissions & Dual Enrollment.
  • Students must pay their student fees and purchase any textbooks or materials prior to the start of the class.
    • See Fee’s Page for more information

Dual Enrollment Students may not enroll in the following:

  • Pre-collegiate courses (Classes Numbered 1-99)
  • Athletic Courses (ATH) or Physical education courses (PEX) in Summer

PEX / ATH Courses:

  • PEX and ATH Courses may be allowed via approval from the Dean of HPEDA during the Fall and Spring Semesters Only! Students interested in taking a PEX or ATH Class should submit their Dual Enrollment Forms to dualenrollment@cerritos.edu & Dual Enrollment will send the form to the Dean to review and make a decision.
    • Note: Dual Enrollment Students can not take a PEX or ATH class in the Summer

Students can take up to 11 Units each Fall & Spring Semester.

  • Dual Enrollment students can not take more than 11 units during the Fall or Spring Semesters

Students can take up to 7 Units each Summer.

  • Dual Enrollment students can not take more than 7 units in Summer

Dual Enrollment students do not receive priority enrollment status.

  • Please plan ahead and have backup options in case your desired class is full.

Students must meet any prerequisites required of a class

  • Please check Schedule Plus to see if your desired class has a prerequisite

Students shall receive college credit for the community college courses that they successfully complete.

  • High School Credit for a class is determined by your High School.
    • Please talk with your High School counselor about this.

If you have any questions about the Conditions or Eligibility Requirements,
please email us at dualenrollment@cerritos.edu