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Dual Enrollment Classes at Cerritos College

Dual Enrollment Purpose:

This program is designed for K-12 students, seeking advanced scholastic courses. Cerritos College definition of “advanced scholastic” is…

  1. Courses meeting Cerritos requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree, excluding remedial English and math courses.

  2. Courses that are transferable to a four-year institution.
    Examples of advanced scholastic courses: English 100, Math 140, Soc 101, etc.

  3. Vocational courses below 100 level may be taken.
    Examples of vocational courses: Auto 73, Cos 50, Weld 52, etc.

Limitations / Conditions of Enrollment & Eligibility Requirements: 

Dual Enrollment - Steps and "To Do List"

  1. Complete the Cerritos College Application online.
    Your Cerritos College student number will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.

  2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Form.
    Make sure you have all of the following:
    * Indicate the course(s) you are planning on enrolling.
    You may not enroll in pre-collegiate courses or (1-99 level) or physical education courses.
    Vocational courses below 100 level may be taken.
    * School principal or authorized counselor sign and complete appropriate sections(s)
    * Include cumulative G.P.A
    * Both your parent’s signature and your signature are required.

  3. Complete the SRT/GPT - online via the Student’s MyCerritos account. Only required for students taking a Math or English Course or the class has a pre-requisite of Math or English.

  4. Submit your: Dual Enrollment Form, & Treatment of a Minor Form to: 
  5. Register for Classes:
    Check your ( portal for registration appointment and enroll for courses.
    To Log in: User Id: Use Student ID / Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYY)
    * High School students do not have priority registration, so students are advised to have alternative classes in case their first choice is full.

  6. Pay Your Fees: The $46/unit fees will be waived for students.  You may pay your student fees online via your MyCerritos accountIt takes 5 - 7 business Days for Enrollment Fees to be removed

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