Dual Enrollment Classes at Cerritos College

How to Apply to Cerritos College (YouTube Video)

Dual Enrollment - Steps and "To Do List"

  1. Complete the Cerritos College Application online (2 Parts)
    1. Go to Cerritos College Website and Click "Apply Now"
    2. Create your Open CCC apply Account
    3.   Start & Complete your Cerritos College Application
      1. Make sure you hit "Submit My Application" on the last page
      2. Your Cerritos College student number will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.

  2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Form
    1. Dual Enrollment Form (English) | Dual Enrollment Form (Spanish)
      1. How to Complete the Dual Enrollment Form
    2. Complete the full form including student information, class name and 5-digit number, and signatures from the student, parent, and counselor or administrator at your High School
    3. Completed forms should be mailed to dualenrollment@cerritos.edu 

  3. Complete the SRT/GPT -
    1. Can be Completed online through your MyCerritos account
    2. Only required for students taking a Math or English Course
      1. Or if a Class has a pre-requisite of Math or English.

  4. Enroll for your Classes
    1. Students must enroll themselves through their MyCerritos account after their Dual Enrollment Forms are Processed.
    2. Check your MyCerritos for registration appointment or Open Enrollment.
      1. To Log in: User Id: Use Student ID / Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYY)
      2. High School students do not have priority registration, so students are advised to have alternative classes in case their first choice is full.

  5. Pay Your Student Fees: 
    1. Students are required to pay for their health fee every semester they take a class.
    2. Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) Fees and Representation Fees are charged per semester as well, but can be waived using the forms below:
      1. Student Activities Fee Waiver
      2. Student Representation Fee Waiver
    3. The $46 per unit fee will be waived for students once the Dual Enrollment Forms are processed.
    4. You may pay your student fees online via your MyCerritos account.
    5. It takes 5 - 7 business Days for Enrollment Fees to be removed from your MyCerritos account.

Questions about the Steps? Contact us at: dualenrollment@cerritos.edu