Articulation with Cerritos College

How to articulate High School courses with Cerritos College:

Educational Partnerships & Programs (EPP) facilitates the process of articulation agreements, maintains records, and is the first point of contact for high school students who wish to receive college credit.

Articulation is strictly faculty driven and Pathways serves as the facilitator of articulation only.

High schools, ROPs, and adult schools interested in articulating a course with Cerritos College should contact the EPP office and provide the following information about the course they wish to articulate:

  1. Name of class
  2. Course description
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Course objectives
  5. Competency and skill requirement
  6. Textbooks/materials used in the class
  7. How the class is graded (quizzes, presentations, etc.)
    • Please provide samples of quizzes and / or tests
  8. Course outline
  9. Syllabus

Materials should be emailed or mailed to:

Christina Mulcahy
Career Pathways Specialist 

What is the Process?

Upon review of the materials, the faculty will notify EPP whether:

  • Yes, they wish to articulate the course and which Cerritos College course the materials articulate to. EPP will draft an articulation agreement following the Career Statewide Pathways template. The original agreement will be maintained in the EPP office.

  • No, they do not wish to articulate. EPP will notify the high school, ROP or adult school that the faculty is unable to articulate.

  • Maybe, If the Cerritos College faculty has questions, then EPP will facilitate a meeting with the Cerritos College faculty and high school, ROP, adult school faculty. After having all questions or concerns addressed, the faculty will inform EPP whether they want to articulate the class.