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Arts, Humanities, and Communication


Welcome to Arts, Humanities, and Communication at Cerritos College! 

As we return to campus in a hybrid format I want you to know the division and I are committed to making your return to campus the best it can be for you. 

We are committed to your pursuit of excellence in the arts and communication fields. You will have many opportunities to ignite your imagination. Whether it's in a virtual performance, producing insightful news stories, creating original works of art, writing critical essays, or directing your own film, our degrees and certificates remain at the forefront of high-quality preparation for the competitive creative economies of Los Angeles and beyond. 

Entering our degree and certificate programs marks the beginning of a life-long journey to understand the world through creative thought and expression. 

Our faculty will immerse you in classical and modern art forms, expressive performance traditions, critical theory and practice, and the complexities of digital and print media design. 

This is a special time for you to become conversant in the works of writers and artists such as Euripides, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Ruth Duckworth, Saul Bass, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Miles Davis, Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman, Francis Ford Coppola, Katherine Graham, Margaret Bouke-White, Diane Arbus and Annie Leibovitz. 

Completing an education in the arts and communication disciplines strengthens your judgment and elevates your knowledge of humanity, preparing you for the tests and opportunities that life inevitably brings. 

Be prepared for the future with a Cerritos College education. 

Check out the links below for more information about our programs. 

The staff and I are here for you. Please feel free to contact us.  

Have a great year! 


Gary Pritchard, Instructional Dean
Office: FA - 130 - Phone: 562-860-2451, ext. 2602  

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