Cerritos College Emergency Mobile Text Alerts

The College has contracted with RAVE Mobile Safety for emergency communications and other important information via text message and e-mail.  This emergency communication, messaging system is called RAVE Alert.   There is no charge for subscribers, except as may be imposed by the mobile service providers used by subscribers for everyday text messaging services. 

This emergency text alert messaging system is a provision of the College Emergency Operations Plan.  The Chief of Police is the College manager for the RAVE Alert system.  Use of the system for text and e-mail alerting is at the sole discretion of the College President-Superintendent or designee, per this procedure. 

All students and employees are automatically opted into the system upon registering as a student or being hired as an employee by the district. 

  • Students will be opted into the system with the information they provided to the district at the time of registration.
  • Employees will be opted into the system with the information they provided on their employment application.
  1. Participation Promotion
    The Chief of Police, or designee, shall ensure participation promotion each term.  Typical forms may include notices on the College web site and in the Class Schedule, posters and flyers on campus, presentations to college groups, and/or email to employee and student groups.
  2. Subscribing – Opting In and Out
    Individuals associated with the College as employees and students are automatically opted into the College’s emergency text alert messaging system.  Opting in, is still an option and may be accomplished via texting the keyword “Cerritos” to 226787. Opting-out may be accomplished via texting STOP to 226787.