Parking Regulations

Paid parking permits are requited to park in all Cerritos College parking lots.

Parking permits are now virtual based on your vehicle’s license plate.  You will not receive a physical sticker.

Student permits are available for purchase online:


Employee permits are available though the Employee Portal. Select “Employee Parking” from the Sign-On page

If you should have any questions, please contact CCPD at (562) 924-3618 or

Parking at Cerritos College is by permit only. Permits may be purchased for the day or for the semester.

Parking Areas - Vehicles authorized to park on the Cerritos College campus shall be parked only in areas that have been painted with lines indicating parking stalls. Park only in the area designated by your permit except for students with a valid "DP" plate or placard and a current parking permit.

All Parking Stalls/Lots on Campus are Color Coded:

  • WHITE - Student parking. Current semester or daily parking permit required
  • YELLOW - Faculty and Staff permit required
  • GREEN - Timed stalls 2 hr max parking time limit. Current semester or daily parking permit required
  • BLUE - Valid DP plate or disabled placard. Current semester or daily parking permit required
  • WHITE GRID MARKED "MOTORCYCLE" - Motorcycle parking only. Current semester or daily parking permit required

Daily / Special Event Permits are available online. Each permit is valid only on the day it is purchased. This permit is valid only in white-lined student stalls. Daily permits are $3.00. No refunds on daily permits are available.

Student Semester Permits can be ordered online through the link above. 

Permit Prices are as follows:

  • Student semester permit - $40 / With Financial Aid $30
  • Daily / Special Event permit - $3 on weekdays / $5 on weekends

Refunds for semester permits will be credited only if all classes within the semester have been officially dropped within the appropriate deadline for the semester. The deadline is defined as the end of the second week of full semester length classes or 10% of class meetings for shorter than semester length classes. Email all refund requests to

Staff Parking is reserved in yellow lined stalls for Cerritos College staff only.  Staff permits are available for the semester or for the year. College staff are also expected to obey all parking rules and regulations.

Disabled Persons may park in designated Disabled Person Parking stalls with a valid DP plate or disabled placard and a valid parking permit. All vehicles parked on the Cerritos College campus, including vehicles displaying a disabled plate or placard, are required to have a valid parking permit.  Vehicles displaying a valid disabled plate or placard may park in any disabled parking space in either student or staff parking lots. Students with a disabled placard or plate may not park in Staff Only parking lots, unless the parking space is a marked disable parking space.  Any vehicles parked on the Cerritos College campus without a valid parking permit will be cited.

Motorcycles are required to have a parking permit.

Possession of a Permit does not guarantee a parking space on campus. It merely authorizes use of the parking areas.

Update Your Vehicle License Plate on your permit if you buy a new vehicle during the semester by following these steps:

  1. Respond using the original verification email you received, or email the vendor at
  2. Provide your Student/Employee number and the last four numbers of the credit card used to purchase the permit.
  3. List the changes or additions you wish to make on your digital parking permit.

You will receive an email response verifying the changes.

Parking Violations will be cited. Citations will be issued to any vehicle on campus without a current parking permit, or illegally parked. Citations are written by Police Cadets who are also on patrol campus-wide for your safety and assistance.

Off-Campus Parking is extremely restricted.  Parking in surrounding residential areas is by City issued permit only.  Student vehicles parking in the surrounding neighborhoods are subject to being cited, towed away and impounded by the city at the student's expense. Towing can be immediate and fines and fees may run hundreds of dollars per towed vehicle. Parking in the shopping centers adjacent to campus is also prohibited by the property owners.  Student vehicles parked in these lots are impounded by the property managers, at the student's expense.  

Bicycles must park in District provided racks. Bicycles attached to railing, trees, light poles etc. are subject to removal by Campus Police.

Cerritos College assumes no liability and is not responsible for damage or theft of any vehicle or its contents.