About Procurement and Contract Services

Who We Are

Procurement and Contract Services (PCS) is comprised of the following business units, with core functions briefly summarized below.

What We Do

Procurement and Contract Services (PCS) continually seeks new ways to provide value-added purchasing services to its customers every day so that the students, faculty, and staff Purchasing serves has the necessary resources and tools they need to be successful.

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Why We Do It

Most activities on campus include the involvement or support from Procurement and Contract Services (PCS), from multi-million dollar construction projects down to daily delivery of mail. As a service department, PCS is committed to assisting Divisions and Department with their procurement, delivery, and communication needs.

PCS policies and procedures are established so that California law and best practices are followed in order to:

  • Save the District money, time, and risk
  • Protect the District against liability, fraud, and inappropriate business practices
  • Embody the "7 Rights of Purchasing" which are -- obtain the right materials or services (meeting quality requirements) in the right quantity for delivery at the right time to the right place from the right source (a responsive and responsible supplier) with the right service at the right price.

How We Do It

Procurement and Contract Services (PCS) staff conduct business related to the procurement of products and services on behalf of the District in accordance with all applicable California procurement statutes, laws, and regulations. Procurements will be made on the basis of quality, price (or best value, as appropriate), and delivery terms offered for required materials or services.

The responsibility for the procurement of materials and services for the District is centralized in the PCS Department. All District procurement transactions shall be conducted in an efficient and business-like manner, and shall be based upon the highest standards, ethics, and transparency.

The selection of materials and services to be procured is the responsibility of the requisitioning Division or Department. However, PCS shall have the authority to require or make recommendations concerning the purchase of equivalent and/or substitute items. Additionally, PCS reserves the right to procure the required materials or services from vendors which it selects and considers to offer the most advantageous terms to the District.

Where We Are Located