Campus Furniture Standards

Office furniture is an integral part to day-to-day operations no matter if you are faculty, staff or a student. As a result of office remodels and new construction on campus, there is a desire to upgrade furniture and bring the overall appearance and function to the level held around campus. To make this process easier, we have implemented the following standards. We strongly believe this will help contribute to a more cohesive campus appearance while maintaining a certain level of quality.

Cerritos College furniture standards have been established under the guidance of a task force. Procurement and Contract Services (PCS) will also work with any individual areas on a case-by-case basis; we have listed our available furniture types below for your convenience, if you have any questions, please contact the PCS directly.



Desks | Mobile Pedestals | Chairs | Bookcases | Storage Cabinets | Panels


Student Desks | Instructor Desks | Class/Lab Tables | Chairs/Stools

Meeting/Conference Rooms:

Conference Tables | Conference Chairs | Credenzas

Break/Lounge Areas:

Lounge Tables | Chairs/Seating | Cafe Areas

Lobby/Waiting Areas:

Lobby Seating | Lobby Ottomans | Lobby Tables