Donations/Gift in Kind

Gift-in-Kind refers to all gifts which are not in cash or marketable securities and includes tangible property or services.

Policy Statement

Gifts from the community for contribution to Cerritos Community College will be processed by the Purchasing Department.

1. Purpose

To ensure the donation complies with Cerritos Community College fixed-asset policies, health & safety requirements, and offer good value to the College.

2. Guidelines

  • User Departments will forward details of proposed donations to the Purchasing Department for approval and processing prior to making any commitments to the donor.
  • Purchasing, in conjunction with the User, will determine whether the proposed donation is valuable or of use to the department. The User should graciously turn down a potential donation if the donation would not have value or appropriate use.
  • It is the responsibility of the donor to place a value on the gift. Cerritos College employees are not to determine a value on any gift. If the donor refuses to place a value on the gift, then the department must inform the donor that a “zero” value will be listed on the Donation form.
  • If a donation is accepted, the department must fill out a Donation of “Gift in Kinds" form. The Purchasing Department will use the completed form to create the Board Approval Request. The "Gift in Kinds" form can be located on the Purchasing Forms page under the General Use heading. 
  • The Vice President of Business Services will write a thank you letter to the donor after the Board of Trustees has approved the donation.
  • All equipment donations of $1,000 or more to Cerritos Community College will be reported on equipment inventory list by the Purchasing Department.
  • Not at any given time the donations are to be sold or transferred to students or any Cerritos College employee for any purpose. It is the department’s responsibility to notify the Purchasing Department of the deletion of donated equipment from equipment inventory list.
  • All the donations will be properly disposed through Cerritos College surplus procedure