Cerritos College contracts with Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) for a full range of cost-effective administrative and business services. LACOE is implementing a new comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which affects more than 125 agencies, of which Cerritos College is included. LACOE's Business Enhancement System Transformation (BEST) Advantage System, is a necessary system modernization project which replaces LACOE's current PeopleSoft system.

As it relates to requisition and approval entry for all departments and divisions on campus, the new BEST Advantage System will impact users in the following ways:


Who:  Anyone who enters or approves requisitions.

What:  LACOE PeopleSoft will be replaced by the BEST Advantage System.

When:  Beginning with fiscal year (FY) 2019-2020.

Where:  Cerritos College, that's where!

Why:  LACOE PeopleSoft financial system has been in service for more than 20 years and is outdated. The BEST Advantage System will provide better integration between purchasing, budget, and accounting. Additionally, end-users will have on-demand data and access to real-time reports regarding their accounts, including, requisitions, purchase orders (PO's), contracts, and payments.

How:  Administrative secretaries who enter requisitions, managers who approve requisitions, and anyone else (e.g., alternates and back-up end-users) that currently use LACOE PeopleSoft will not use the BEST Advantage System for their department's financials. Information regarding requisition training provided by LACOE for the BEST Advantage System will be made available soon.

For additional information regarding the BEST Advantage System, please visit the new LACOE BEST Project webpage dedicated to the topic.  You may also visit the LACOE BEST Advantage System FAQs page for more information as well.