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Procedures For Requesting Equipment, Supplies and Services

Materials and services may be requested by Departments and Divisions through use of the following forms:

1. Departmental Requisition - submitted online through LACOE

The Departmental Requisition is used to request the purchase of budgeted services, equipment, and supply items not stocked in the District Warehouse. In order to ensure that requisitions are processed in a timely manner, it is essential that the Departmental Requisition include the following information.

  1. Separate requisitions should be submitted for each type of purchase, i.e. equipment, supplies, services, etc.
  2. A brief description of the items required, including brand name/make/model information
  3. Size of item required if various sizes are available
  4. Color
  5. Options or accessories required
  6. Quantity
  7. Information regarding optional services required from the supplier, i.e. assembly, installation, training of personnel, etc.
    Concerning requirements for schematics, parts lists, training manuals, etc.
  8. Information regarding equipment utility requirements, i.e. electrical voltage, compressed air, etc.
  9. Information identifying trade-in items when equipment is to be purchased as a replacement item
  10. Known sources of supply for the required materials or services
  11. The budget classification to which the purchase should be charged


2. Warehouse Order Form BP-31

A warehouse order form is used to request items stocked in the warehouse. The items in the warehouse are for office use only and are not to be used for classrooms or students. Warehouse personnel will deliver the required items to the Division Office or delivery location requested on a weekly basis. The Requisition for Warehouse Stock shall be forwarded to the Warehouse Department after approval by the appropriate Division or Departmental Manager.


3. Work Order - submitted online through Mainsaver

The Work Order is utilized to request repairs or other work requiring the services of Maintenance and Operations Department Personnel. Funds for the purchase of materials required by the Maintenance Department to complete non-maintenance type projects, i.e. remodeling, cabinet work, installation or relocation of equipment, etc., shall be budgeted by the requesting Division or Department. All Work Orders are to be submitted online through Mainsaver directly to the Facilities Department.


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